Project updates are on their way.

We’ve heard feedback from many folk that we need to get more information on this site. Particularly in relation to the project status but also things we are seeing with other Ecovillages around the world!

As we start to pull together the content we’d love to hear what you’d like to see. Comment below and see what we can do!


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  1. Post

    HI Angela,

    Shares in the co-op must be issued via the Disclosure Statement. Our current one expired recently and is being updated with the audited financials to June 2015 and current project status. It will take a month or so to prepare and be approved for issue. We will let people know on this site when it’s ready to roll.

    Of course this doesn’t stop you from coming along to open days, community dinners or even working bee’s so you can get to know the land and the people! We’d love to see you.

  2. I am very interested in coming along to walk on the land and meet some of the people etc…
    I currently live in Tasmania and may not be able to attend an open day (last Saturday of the month) for a while, though I will be visiting Sydney in the first half of May.

    I would like to know about developments in regard to the less expensive housing options: Stage 2 or 3?

    Who would be the best person to make contact with in regard to coming along for a visit on a ‘non-open’ day?

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