Habitat for Wildlife

box2“Microbats are widespread throughout the Central Coast and are known to occur throughout residential areas – a good species to make a box for if you live in suburbia like me. Of the 16 threatened Microbat species in NSW 10 have been recorded on the Central Coast.

We would like to monitor the wildlife boxes, it’s a good idea to label the box i.e. no. 1, record the date and orientation and type of box installed – 3m up the tree is sufficient for most species. Ideally check them every season, every 3 months either by just looking in the box and/or putting up a wildlife camera. CEN is in the process of buying a couple of wildlife cameras to loan out to members- I will keep you posted to when they will be available.”

– Nicole Heta, the Habitat for Wildlife Project Office from CEN(Community Environment Network).

box1Part of the Ecovillage requirments is to provide nesting hollows and other homes for wildlife on the site. The first 4 microbat boxes have been made by one of the members and are ready to be hung in chosen locations. The bats land on the wire mesh and crawl into the small opening. There will be a number of other designs made to cater for any interested bats wanting to live as neighbours!

For more information, please visit http://www.cen.org.au/projects