Samantha and Brett and their children Flynn and Arwen

Samantha is an office/accounts worker and a passionate stay at home mum and Brett is an architectural draftsman. The couple were drawn to the property by its beautiful natural landscape and the idea of their family living sustainably.

They are excited by the thought that their children will be healthier and happier growing up learning about and loving nature in the village.

Samantha and Brett plan to home school their children in a method she describes as “natural learning”. She hopes they will benefit from the knowledge and skills available for them to learn and experience from the diverse group of people around them.

They hope to live a wholesome life within a rich community that nurtures the environment and are looking forward to a bright nature-oriented future.

Sam and Brett live on the central coast and are on site often – at working bees, community lunches, visiting regularly with friends/family and helping with open days.

The community that we experience is amazing, more than what we ever expected, we love everyone involved like a family and we haven’t even moved in yet!Samantha