Sammie and Ellie

Sammie and Ellie are originally from the UK and always loved the idea of living in a small village but never thought they would find village life in Australia. One day, they randomly came across the Narara Evovillage website and saw that there was an Open Day that weekend. “It sounded like an interesting day out so we went to find out more and realised that we didn’t want to leave.” The sense of community and having a friendly, safe environment in which to raise a family were what attracted them the most.

Currently living in Sydney’s inner west, Ellie and Sammie plan to find a better work/life balance when they make the move to the ecovillage. They envisage living “tiny, with only the things and space that we need. Eventually we would like to design a modern, eco-friendly home under 50sqm.”

Being involved with the ecovillage brings many opportunities for the couple to immerse themselves in all things Australian, such as learning about native plants, food, wildlife, cooking, bee-keeping, wine-making and anything outdoors. “We cannot imagine a better environment, or a better group of people to learn and grow with. There is so much knowledge within the village and so many friendly people with no end of ideas, that it’s impossible to get bored or not be inspired.”

And what do their family and friends think about their move to the ecovillage? “They think we have joined a strange cult. We’re hoping they’re wrong :)”