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NEV Water provides all potable water, sewer and recycled water services to the Narara Ecovillage site.
For potable water, a temporary supply connection to Gosford potable water will be used until approximately 30 houses are occupied. This supply will then be replaced with the permanent potable water system. When this permanent potable water system is commissioned potable water is to be sourced from an existing 45ML onsite reservoir known as Narara Dam. The raw dam water will be treated in a potable water treatment plant to be designed, constructed, monitored and maintained by Aquacell. The plant design uses ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, UV and chlorination to ensure compliance with the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines (ADWG).

The proposed scheme provides for all black water (sewage) generated on site to be piped through a sewerage network and collected in a buffer tank at the waste water treatment plant (WWTP).
Recycled water production from the WWTP is to be reticulated to each residential lot and community facilities for toilet flushing and garden irrigation and to rural lots for disposal through irrigation of community agricultural land. With our membrane bioreactor (MBR) waste water system, wastewater is collected, treated and re-used for any combination of: irrigation, toilet flushing applications.
The treatment plant is maintained and operated under contract by Aquacell Pty Ltd and we make sure all wastewater is treated to a high standard that makes it safe for its intended use. All our systems have built-in monitoring systems and our expert technicians also keep an eye on things remotely.