Majella, Matt and their children Sinead & Michael

Lincoln People

Majella and Matt live in Sydney. Majella works doing family daycare and in a café on weekends. She is also studying to be a teacher. Matt works in plumbing sales and does extra plumbing work outside of his job. They look forward to making the move out of the city with their family and not having a Sydney mortgage.

10 years ago, Matt and Majella traveled through Nepal and ended up working in a community there which happened to be an Ecovillage. They were absolutely stunned that they were living in one of the poorest places in the world and they were in a place where everybody had built every brick themselves from the earth and had managed to build this entirely sustainable community. They were using methane gas from their cows to cook with, solar panels for everything and they thought if they are doing this in the poorest country on earth, why aren’t the richest countries on earth doing this?