Construction of outdoor kitchen

Lincoln Village Life

To accommodate our many outdoor activities in the Farm Square area, we are building an outdoor kitchen (led by Majella Lloyd, co-founder of the Natural Building Group) from recycled materials, not only for the convenience of a practical, usable space in the northern area of our site, but this project is a hybrid experimental foray into ancient natural building techniques such as mud brick, strawbale, cob, rendering, creative plastering and glass brick making.

Since our ecovillage project began, many visitors and members of the local community have shown great interest in learning some of these techniques leading up to our homes being built starting this year and are now invited to get involved.

Majella, who last year organised a mud brick workshop with students at the local Steiner School, said: “Stage 1 of our kitchen build next Saturday will see us laying the foundations, rubble trench drainage and erecting the framework for our much-anticipated kitchen. We are seeking help from 1pm until close at 4pm.  We invite you to join us, learn about natural building and enjoy village camaraderie”.  The kitchen will look something like this:

Those who stay the distance are invited to join the kitchen crew for a bbq to celebrate and admire work completed! The project will be continuing at the February Village Day with wall raising, rendering and some creative fun!

Come on down, get involved and be part of the ecovillage activities. You may like to register your interest to: Majella at or just turn up!

We hope to connect with many of you there!