Open Day is now Village Day! 27th Jan 2017

Lincoln Events, Village Life

Saturday 27th Jan, 1-4pm

Our exciting new format Village Day is designed to allow visitors more involvement and opportunities to engage with our community activities which will change from month to month.

Village Day organizer, Jeni O’Connor says: “As our Ecovillage is moving to the next stage of development, with the imminent growth of houses and infrastructure, we felt it was important to turn the focus of our Open Day towards creating an “EcoVillage experience.”

“The new Village Day is all about visitors actively participating in village life. It’s a day when members will share knowledge, experiences and skills with visitors who will engage in talks, tours and practical workshops.  We want everyone to come and join in the fun of our activities, as we deepen and extend our commitment to community”.

Jeni says: “Each month the Village Day format will change, with different workshops and opportunities being offered.  In February we will have weaving drop in sessions (after harvesting local materials) plus design and construction of a rustic park bench, also from gathered materials.  And construction of the outdoor kitchen will continue.”

Jeni continued: “There will be the regular site tours and market stalls. You are free to wander and see how things are progressing.  Help yourself to a cup of tea and coffee (on us) and how about bringing a picnic to enjoy in a shady spot when you wander around?”

Jeni suggested taking a squiz at the Tool Library, learn how to repair or maintain a pushbike, settle in for a meditation session, join our Bunya Nut foraging tour or enjoy some Edible Weeding.

A couple of members will demonstrate how to extract honey from their Flow-hives, or you can learn about constructing a house out of Hempcrete.