Narara Kitchen Dinner Tuesday Night: Gratitude. Community. Life.

Lincoln Village Life

With this post we introduce a new-ish member of the Ecovillage. Dini is going to guest post various events from the village starting with this regular event we have at the village – shared dinners. Many thanks Dini!

Narara kitchen dinners have been running for some time. Each one continues to be a hands-on example of making every moment count – including a random Tuesday night which otherwise might hold nothing special in it. In the spirit of gratitude Candy and her two helpers, Rob and Patricia, miraculously put together a delicious, home-cooked meal for more than 50 of us: Chili con and sincarne, cornbread, tortillas and some beautiful salads and kale chips – not to mention the heart-racing, taste-buds- exciting, Bunyian-nut- impregnated vast array of deserts.

Candy started the evening just after 6pm with a short speech thanking everyone for all their work for, with, in and around our village. JT followed with some good news from Council. Thus joyously we got together in this spirit of gratitude and shared a beautiful evening of connection and catching up on everyone’s news. Unless experienced, it is truly hard to imagine in the society that we live in, arriving in a village of now approaching 200 people and everyone warmly welcoming each other, everyone getting together in the spirit of living in harmony with each other and our planet, and everyone truly caring for each other.

And with this strong common base, we still have so much diversity amongst us. After the dinner, some headed home straight away for their usual bedtime routine, whilst others added a glass of wine or cup of tea to elongate the beautiful vibes until later into a stress-free, off-the- race night. In addition to the honorable designated clean up team, Sarah, Paul and Mike, a few free hands helped here and there with the tidy up. As usual, it was flabbergasting how much easier things flow when all work together. This is a beautiful message to see, live and soak in for the entire long table of well over 15 kids of all ages that were present – and all the rest of us too.

Have you taken a moment today to make the ordinary extraordinary? After all, that’s all we have, one moment at a time and here at the village we strive to make each one count.

Thank you Candy and Team. Thank you NEV. Thank you readers. Life is special!