Village day Feb 24th

Lincoln Village Life

Saturday 24 February, 1-4pm

Our new format Village Day went off with a bang in January, with lots of activities to allow our 60 visitors to experience life at Narara Ecovillage.

From 1pm our guests could choose to visit the tool library, have knives and tools sharpened by Rob and learn some bicycle maintenance skills with Mike.  Many people enjoyed a site tour with Lincoln and Matt or enjoyed learning about edible weeds with Ben.

In the area known as lower Farm Square, people stopped by and some helped with the early stages of construction of the outdoor kitchen.  Over 30 NEV and NELN members stopped by to lend a hand and we are looking forward to continuing with this project during the February Village Day.

This month we have even more exciting activities for visitors to get involved and meet members of the ecovillage.

  • Work with Gen to create colourful bunting and flags for our village out of leftover and reclaimed fabrics
  • House design showcase – two of our members will give a brief overview of their house design, focusing on those elements which are particularly environmentally friendly. Great for ideas for future building, or take away elements to retrofit your own home
  • Outdoor Kitchen project– mudbrick making, tamping tyres for wall foundations
  • Weaving drop-in session – with guest Lisa McArthur-Edwards: something for everyone, making string from reeds  harvested on site for decorative fish traps and also some French knitting.  (Look out for signs to Outdoor Kitchen area)

Our market stalls continue to offer a variety of plants/foods and other surprises.

All site tours will be departing at 2.30pm – there will be a long/detailed tour for those with a lot of energy and interest in the site, our regular tours (about an hour long each), and a short tour for those who are too tired/hot. Please take note of this timeslot. Activities will be running from 1pm.