9 Star Energy Efficient House

Jazz’s ‘Mushroom’ House

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9 Star Energy Efficient House

Who would have thought that in my 60’s I would be building a house and using words like ‘waffle pods’ and ‘thermal mass’ and attempting to understand how solar panels and normal/ grey/reticulated water all ties together. I’m an admin person who loves food, reading and music, and now the brain is being stretched to new levels!

We’ve nicknamed my house the ‘mushroom’ because it seems to have gone up almost overnight. Living Green Designer Homes started 2 months ago and anticipate being finished before end of August.

There is excitement here in the Ecovillage for the building phase and community skills and expertise are shared around. Members are helping and sharing their services to each other right through the “give us your 2 cents worth, what shall I build” stage to the design, choosing materials, recommending companies and holding workshops to learn about strawbale and hemp.  

Mine is a small home at 59sqm so I want to have light colours throughout. The concrete slab is a ‘driftwood’ colour, the inside walls will be Milk Cloud, tiles an off white although I decided on all black matt fittings in the bathroom to break up the lightness a bit. And I have lashed out on a feature above the vanity with a strip of small tiles that have a metallic rainbow hue!

I can’t wait to show the house off at the Sustainable House Day at Narara Ecovillage. https://sustainablehouseday.com/events/sustainable-house-day-at-narara-ecovillage/

Jazz has achieved a 9 star NatHERS rating for her house design. This is a village first and shows that what can be achieved even when operating with a very tight budget. Jazz’s one bedroom 60sqm house, designed by Living Green, is fully functional but has not sacrificed the importance of achieving overall energy efficiency.