A New Year at Narara Ecovillage

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It seems strange saying Happy New Year to you during these interesting times, but 2020 has started and at Narara Ecovillage, we are excited at the prospect.

We have been under threat of fire and still the fire season has a way to go, but throughout this period we have witnessed some very sweet behaviours here, from offers of practical bushfire preparation advice and land management actions right through to cooling off dips in a swimming pool and kombucha and gin and tonics.

2020 will see the submission and probable approval of our Development Application for Stage 2, the layout of which is planned for just inside our front gates on the left hand side. The approval will enable 43 lots for sale, plus one lot which will be held back for building a Common House for all neighbours to enjoy.

As well as the DA with Central Coast Council, we plan to submit a Planning Proposal to rezone this area so that we can offer alternatives like dual occupancy and shared sites to our prospective new neighbours and hence smaller footprint and more affordable land options. As you can see, the facts of where we are now is a ‘work in progress’.

But the beauty of this amazing community lies in the relationships and creativity that develop spontaneously and therefore allow residents to get what they want for a more affordable price, despite Council rules and regulations. For example:

  • C met J, they worked a way forward to share a lot 50/50
  • Younger family of 4, cannot get a loan from the bank easily. They purchased the land and built a ‘granny flat’, where they now live, saving rent and building their house as their income permits. Meanwhile, their children are growing up on a wonderful property, with additional resources like communal toilets, laundry, larger kitchen to serve them.
  • Older single person E formed a relationship with younger family to share a lot. E in a ‘granny flat’ and the fam in their house.
  • Another family with a Tiny House in addition to their main house, rents their addition to a family of 3 also awaiting the finish of their home in the Cluster
  • Two couples are sharing a lot and building 2 homes, with a common outdoor space
  • One woman plans to build 3 pods on her lot so that three individuals can live separately yet together

Stage 2 is open for business NOW in the form of Co-op memberships available.

22 people/families are already on the Stage 2 list. They have paid an amount of $30,000 for Co-op membership or $50,000 if they want the added bonus of priority lot choice. We can’t call this ‘a deposit’, because until we have Titles to issue, that’s not allowed. But effectively, this is what it is and we use these sums to build the infrastructure necessary to achieve individual Titles – avoiding banks! This is People Power and it is very satisfying, strengthening and successful.

So we encourage you to get involved. Relish what we have to offer now – access to a beautiful property, extraordinary community and sit readily with the options that are evolving. This is a very small, unique, wonderful community housing development and we are the lucky ones who have got to hear about it while under development. If this project calls you, do not miss out.