Growing Food at Narara Ecovillage

Marg Community, Sustainability

One of the structures we gratefully inherited from the NSW government when we bought this beautiful land at Narara is what we call the Triplespan Greenhouse. In its day it was an impressive greenhouse – fitted out with the latest and greatest technology including dripper lines, propagating tables and a complete drainage system, and covered in plastic. It was an obvious place to start growing food on site – but it was in a pretty terrible state when we came along!

Original Triplespan Greenhouse

We gathered a group of horticulturalists, permaculturalists, landscapers, botanists and growers (we have a lot of growing knowledge among our members!) and put together a vision for the space. For the last 3 years, the gardeners and chicken carers have been slowly gathering knowledge and experience in building up and managing soil, producing eggs and growing some produce. 

From a permaculture perspective, this project is a huge win for the Ecovillage. We are:

  • regenerating the soil with mushroom compost, chook and quail manure
  • reusing a dilapidated asset
  • supporting social connection and fun with weekly working bees followed by sharing food together
  • welcoming visitors and offering them a chance to experience our community
  • engaging the next generation in growing food
  • and growing spray-free, fresh, local veggies and free range eggs!

It’s wonderful work for the helpers and all the proceeds go directly back into improving our infrastructure, with no cost to the Ecovillage. We are proudly working our way to our dream of a world class food growing and education venture.

We’ve started small – since we’re all volunteers – but it feels so good to have access to such fresh, healthy food and creating a way to reduce our carbon footprint for the food miles of what we produce and eat. 

One day we hope to have an official farmer on board who can help us scale up to supply food for our residents, friends and our local district. If you know of such a farmer, please let us know, and if all this excites you too, come and join in the fun on Tuesday afternoons at the Triplespan