Ecoliving Podcast #8: Habitat Restoration and Bush Regeneration

Adam Weiss Podcast

Swift Parrot
Swift Parrot, Courtesy of David Cook (@kookr on Flickr)

Habitat restoration is vital to the survival of many at-risk species, including the critically-endangered Swift Parrot. Here at Narara Ecovillage we’ve been doing habitat restoration and bush regeneration work for years, and we’ve just started a grant-funded program to rehabilitate part of our flood plain to provide better support for Swift Parrots in their winter habitat.

Teresa Farrell is a Narara Ecovillage resident helping to run this project, and this interview with her gives an overview of the ABCs of this kind of work in general, and talks about the specific Swift Project as well.

If you listen to the podcast before May 26, 2023, use this link to learn more about our free hands-on bush regeneration workshop on that date.

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