Triplespan Garden

Growing Food

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The Ecovillage aims to grow as much food as possible for the local community on site. We are committed to growing regeneratively, incorporating permaculture principles and hope to demonstrate a number of different techniques for growing food. The plan is to construct 5 comparison beds in the first span of our greenhouse, then build on our learnings and soil testing …

Scribbly Gum Permaculture Patch

What is Permaculture and how is it integrated into what we do at Narara Ecovillage?

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Permaculture is primarily a design system for a holistic approach to sustainable living and practice. Working with nature, it is the harmonious integration of design with ecology for creating sustainable human settlement by simulating or modelling the patterns and features of natural ecosystems. Permaculture was developed as a response to the dangers of industrial agricultural methods which are not sustainable …

Alternative water supply - dam

Water Supply at the Ecovillage

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Narara Ecovillage aims to be self sufficient for its complete water needs. Narara Ecovillage Water (NEV) Water provides all potable water, sewer and recycled water services to the Narara Ecovillage site.  NEV Water holds Network Operator and Retail licenses under the NSW Water Industry Competition Act (WICA). Narara Ecovillage was granted the first community-owned water licence in NSW by NSW …

Steam Weeding

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As a community, we’ve agreed to protect and maintain the health of our members and ecosystems, and manage the land using organic and Permaculture principles. We aim to minimise, and ideally eliminate, the use of poisonous substances and nominate alternatives to the use of poisonous substances on the Community Parcel where possible. So today, we welcomed Ben Larson of Weedtechnics …

21st Century Homes for the Future Society and Climate: The Eco Dreamers seminar

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Yesterday (Saturday 12 May) 75 people came to Narara Ecovillage to hear Brendan Condon, Project Director, talk about the inspiring Cape Paterson Ecovillage in Victoria and their new 9 and 10 star sustainable homes. This was followed by a panel discussion with Narara Ecovillage. They key topic was the challenge of creating climate-proof, zero energy cost, sustainable homes and subdivisions, in …