A Taste of Sociocracy

Rafaele Joudry

November 26, 2021 @ 7:15 pm – 9:15 pm
A Taste of Sociocracy @ Zoom

How do you get your family, business team or, in our case, 150 people to make decisions, resolve conflicts and feel that they have been heard?

Narara Ecovillage is using Sociocracy.  This is a decision-making and governance system that:

  • Is inclusive, transparent and equitable, including all voices
  • Promotes a better use of resources, and coordination of activities
  • Leads to care, respect and cooperation
  • Ensures results of decisions are reviewed to determine their ongoing usefulness

This system has relevance for communities, businesses, non-profits, families and more.

Come and have a ‘taste’ of this methodology in a presentation by ecovillage founder Lyndall Parris

  • WHEN: Friday 26 November, 7:15 – 9:00 pm
  • WHERE: Zoom
  • COST: Free or by donation $20 into Ecovillage bank account (details on registration)
  • RSVP:

‘Narara Ecovillage is going from strength to strength, year by year – and it is wonderful to witness their journey. They are definitely at the forefront of Sociocracy in practice in Australia.’
– Gina Price, Australia’s leading Sociocratic Consultant.

Gina Price and Lyndall Parris co-presented the Narara Ecovillage experience at the inaugural international on-line Sociocracy Conference last year.

Photo taken in the good ole days and indicative of the good future days!