Build your own Micro Economy

Build Your Own Micro Economy

Tanya Mottl

November 25, 2021 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Online Workshop

Fair Shares Commons with Graham Boyd and Narara Ecovillage

Are you interested in new economy models?

The workshop starts at 7pm AEDT (NSW/VIC) and hope you’ll join us!  Check your local time!


The idea of a FairShares Commons Company emerged from the work of Graham Boyd and Jack Reardon, and the consultancy company Evolutesix.

Narara Ecovillage is trialling the Fair Shares model in its educational outreach program. This enables the many stakeholders at the village to receive reward from the activities, including

  • presenters
  • administrators
  • organisers
  • all members of the community
  • students
  • volunteers
  • the natural environment

Come and hear the nuts and bolts of how this process is playing out in real time.

Experienced start-up founder and corporate innovation manager, Graham Boyd has extensive experience with the complexity of leading business and is driven to make a difference through innovation that enables businesses and people to do more with less friction.

Stemming from the realisation that the climate crisis on its own will not catalyse the transformative action at a fundamental level needed to make business an ‘intrinsic force for good’, the mission of evolutesix is to help people build WHOLE, connected economic models (not disconnected business models); ecosystems of inherently regenerative startups, teams, and people; all making tomorrow’s world whole by solving our biggest challenges.

A person wearing glasses

Description automatically generated with low confidence The workshop will be covering the foundations of the book Rebuild by Graham Boyd, we will look at cutting edge approaches to addressing the challenges of today and tomorrow. It is for anyone wanting to build a better world.

  • Learn about a groundbreaking economic model that turns economic rationalism on its head
  • Explore how this might change your organisations 
  • Discover how to use the Fair Shares mix deck that includes all stakeholders

Rebuild Framework

  • Lenses, and how you construct who you are, your reality, from the actuality you’re embedded in; and what you can do to regenerate yourself. 
  • The six lenses, or strata of systems, you need to make coherent, in order to build a whole economy made of whole businesses staffed by whole people:
    6 Global economy | 5 Inter-ecosystem (local economic / business ecosystems) | 4 Inter-organisation, inter-stakeholder, (incorporation) | 3 Inner-organisation (organisation design) | 2 Inter-personal | 1 Inner-personal 
  • Why what you’ve learnt in business school makes you over-estimate opportunities and under-estimate risks.
  • Why our economy is failing us, and why economics is today not capable of guiding us towards an economy that we need. Why we need to create free commons companies and an economy of the free if we are to address our global challenges, and the underlying foundation of such companies.
  • Why every decision you have ever and will ever take is completely rational, what this means for understanding yourself and others; building businesses that work; and what economics must include to be useful in making a whole economy that works for all.
  • Why this means we have reasons for hope, and what you can do next to build on these foundations.

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