Family Bike Ride

Dan Mohr

March 15, 2020 @ 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Meet at Visitor Centre
Narara Ecovillage
25 Research Rd
Trevor Ockenden

Easy 8km (4km each way) ride. *** Helmets on heads essential while riding ***

Starting at the Narara Ecovillage Visitor Centre…

  • ride down Research Rd then Fountains Rd, turning left into Hanlan St……
  • then right into Deane St…
  • take the diagonal path on left to Narara Valley Dr…
  • *** CAUTION *** the next 70m section requires everyone to walk and all children must be accompanied by an adult
  • to connect with path that leads to Koninderie Pde…
  • continue north to the end of Koninderie Pde…
  • here we connect with the bicycle path to Niagara Park car park (approx. 800m)…
  • turn around to return along the same path…
  • as the path veers left behind the Narara Valley Baptist Church we can detour off the path to the right…
  • *** CAUTION *** riding on grass head towards Willari Av Playground…
  • *** CAUTION *** then cross Willari Av to the Narara Valley Precinct Playground for some snacks and alternative play for the children…
  • at around 11:00 we rejoin the path and continue back to the Narara Ecovillage by 12:00.

This ride is suitable for adults and children of all ages as long as the rider is competent at riding their bicycle.

This is an opportunity to do a healthy activity with adults and child(ren) in a social setting however parents and guardians must accept full responsibility for their child(ren). It is expected that at least one parent or adult guardian is to accompany their child(ren).


  • Helmet
  • Water or drinks
  • Snack(s)
  • Sunscreen if sunny
  • Bicycle with working brakes
  • Sturdy shoes

Some minor bicycle maintenance will be offered such as inflating low tyres and putting oil on chains.