Sociocracy in Action: Nailing Picture-Forming: FREE event

Liz Bassett

February 28, 2021 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Village Hall
Narara Ecovillage
Narara 2250
Collective Know-How

Tap into the wisdom of the crowd & learn better ways of working together

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This two-hour workshop gives you the opportunity to learn and practice skills essential for fully understanding an issue and all its elements, and then generating potential solutions that include everyone’s best thinking.

  • Explore all of the needs and issues affecting a situation
  • Include voices of all stakeholders
  • Generate a range of potential solutions
  • Ensure the solutions represent all parties to the problem
  • Make problem solving a positive, creative process

We will cover how to:

  1. fully understand all the issues involved in a decision or proposal
  2. include the voices of different stakeholders
  3. get buy-in by generating a wide variety of options


Observe and participate in a picture forming process. Learn the steps and essential elements of effective picture forming so that the needs of all stakeholders are considered in solutions.

TICKETS: FREE, but registration is essential

social distanced meeting