Walk through the ‘Solar System’ via a walk in Strickland Forest

Dan Mohr

March 21, 2019 @ 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm
Narara Ecovillage
25 Research Rd
Narara NSW 2250
Individual: $10, Family: $15
John Seed
Walk through the ‘Solar System’ via a walk in Strickland Forest @ Narara Ecovillage


Thursday March 21 is the International Day of the Forests and, more cosmically, the Autumn  Equinox. That afternoon, Narara Ecovillage member John Seed will lead a walk from the village back gate into the Strickland State Forest Arboretum.

This will be a walk through the splendid Autumn bushland strewn with this year’s bunya nuts but it will also give us an opportunity to drop into the vast scale of the solar system.

John will be leading a process called “Earth as Peppercorn” which helps nourish our ecological identity as we construct a scale model of our solar system based on the Earth being the size of a single peppercorn. We will then walk from the Sun to Pluto reverently placing peppercorns and other appropriately sized  objects as we learn to feel the scale of our Solar System home.

We’ll leave the visitors Centre at 3.45 and  the Village back gate at 4pm sharp. Return by 5.30.

(The Autumn Equinox is a great time to celebrate our ecological identity. It has been a feature of this planet for about 4,400 million years. At that time of Great Bombardment, comets and meteorites were pelting  the Earth. Finally a Mars-sized body impacted the proto-Earth with such force that the whole mass became molten once more. The intruder plunged towards the centre of the Earth and the moon was born, popping out from the side opposite the impact. This also caused the Earth to tilt 23 degrees to the side thenceforth giving rise to the seasons of the year. You are THAT!)

$15 family, $10 individual, proceeds to the protection of the threatened forests of NSW.