The People

The Ecovillage has long been the dream of founder, Lyndall Parris, and her husband Dave Parris. Since 1997, they have been sharing this vision and inspiring others along the way. They have attracted a group of people from all walks of life and professions, which has now grown to a database of well over a thousand “friends” of Narara Ecovillage.

We are a diverse and friendly group of people united by a wish to have fun and leave the world a better place for our children and grandchildren. We want to “make a difference” and create a rich community while caring for the environment and others.

We’re incredibly fortunate to have some really world-class talent involved in Narara Ecovillage.

Lyndall and Dave Parris

Lyndall and Dave

Lyndall is our passionate project founder and Director. Originally from Sydney, Lyndall comes from a background in accounting and teaching. Dave is a consultant in renewable energy. He is involved in the project development team.

They raised their 3 (now adult) children on a sheep property at Cooma.

One thing that has excited Lyndall about the Ecovillage is that she can see that many of the relationships between people, and with herself and people, are deepening.

“It is really great to watch connections arising and deepening within our community. We have people of many ages, backgrounds and interests and the diversity and interest this provides is just so exciting.”

Megan, David, Ashkia and Bodhi

Sammie and Ellie

Sammie and Ellie are originally from the UK and always loved the idea of living in a small village but never thought they would find village life in Australia. One day, they randomly came across the Narara Evovillage website and saw that there was an Open Day that weekend. “It sounded like an interesting day out so we went to find out more and realised that we didn’t want to leave.” The sense of community and having a friendly, safe environment in which to raise a family were what attracted them the most.

Currently living in Sydney’s inner west, Ellie and Sammie plan to find a better work/life balance when they make the move to the ecovillage. They envisage living “tiny, with only the things and space that we need. Eventually we would like to design a modern, eco-friendly home under 50sqm.”

Being involved with the ecovillage brings many opportunities for the couple to immerse themselves in all things Australian, such as learning about native plants, food, wildlife, cooking, bee-keeping, wine-making and anything outdoors. “We cannot imagine a better environment, or a better group of people to learn and grow with. There is so much knowledge within the village and so many friendly people with no end of ideas, that it’s impossible to get bored or not be inspired.”

And what do their family and friends think about their move to the ecovillage? “They think we have joined a strange cult. We’re hoping they’re wrong :)”

John and Samantha

John, Samantha and their son, Taran

John is our Project Director with a background in engineering and brings a rich knowledge of sustainable community as former Director of the Findhorn Ecovillage, Scotland. Samantha is a sustainability consultant and meditation teacher. She puts time into the Web/IT team as well as the Governance team.
“We were aware of the project for many years and offered support and advice at various times when it was needed. But I also kept it at arms length. What drew me in finally was feeling the spirit of this land call to me. it felt like now, right time right place.” John.
With an 8 year old, John and Samantha are delighted to be able to bring him up in a safe, natural, creative, inviting environment, something quite different to suburbia. The proximity of the Steiner School (Central Coast) was the absolute clincher for them, in addition to the feeling they get whenever they walk onto the land.

John is hoping to build a roundhouse – Samantha wants to make sure they have a HUGE music room where all Taran’s friends (and ours) can come to jam with us. Also a messy room – she likes to be able to play with paint, clay, bits and pieces. They are thinking wood, glass, double-glazed, outdoor hot tub.

“Personally having lived for nearly 25 years in an aspiring ecovillage I know that the richness and quality of life in community is simply mind blowing. It is so far beyond what we’ve considered for most of our lives as the norm, it really needs to be experienced to be understood. I thought Findhorn was my once in a lifetime opportunity to design and build a true model of sustainable human community, but surprise, I got another chance with Narara.”

Samantha and Brett

Samantha and Brett and their children Flynn and Arwen

Samantha is an office/accounts worker and a passionate stay at home mum and Brett is an architectural draftsman. The couple were drawn to the property by its beautiful natural landscape and the idea of their family living sustainably.

They are excited by the thought that their children will be healthier and happier growing up learning about and loving nature in the village.

Samantha and Brett plan to home school their children in a method she describes as “natural learning”. She hopes they will benefit from the knowledge and skills available for them to learn and experience from the diverse group of people around them.

They hope to live a wholesome life within a rich community that nurtures the environment and are looking forward to a bright nature-oriented future.

Sam and Brett live on the central coast and are on site often – at working bees, community lunches, visiting regularly with friends/family and helping with open days.

The community that we experience is amazing, more than what we ever expected, we love everyone involved like a family and we haven’t even moved in yet!

Megan, David, Ashkia and Bodhi

David, Megan and David’s daughter Ashkia and their son Bodhi

David is an Environmental Scientist, specializing in water and energy management.  Megan is a Children’s Librarian with a background in production design.  David and Megan love getting their young family into the bush and out on the ocean.  They run from TV and embrace creativity.  They enjoy spending time with family and friends and are known by their neighbors as “the family with chickens”.

Matt and Majella

Majella, Matt and their children Sinaed & Michael

Majella and Matt live in Sydney. Majella works doing family daycare and in a café on weekends. She is also studying to be a teacher. Matt works in plumbing sales and does extra plumbing work outside of his job. They look forward to making the move out of the city with their family and not having a Sydney mortgage.

10 years ago, Matt and Majella traveled through Nepal and ended up working in a community there which happened to be an Ecovillage. They were absolutely stunned that they were living in one of the poorest places in the world and they were in a place where everybody had built every brick themselves from the earth and had managed to build this entirely sustainable community. They were using methane gas from their cows to cook with, solar panels for everything and they thought if they are doing this in the poorest country on earth, why aren’t the richest countries on earth doing this?

Mine is a community vision. I’d live in a shed as long as I’ve got good people around me.



Jazz has been looking for a community for years. On entering the gates at the village for the first time she fell in love and has been a passionate supporter of the project. Jazz is the Site Admin Officer and also runs a small business doing raw food and dehydrator classes.

The love of food led to wanting to be with like-minded people caring for the planet, growing food and becoming self-sustainable. Jazz has 2 daughters and 4 granddaughters

As our Project Director John says ‘it’s like finding your tribe’. I am now part of a community; we already socialise, work and learn together. I will never be lonely or bored!




Geoff has a master’s degree in food technology and worked in the food technology, biotechnology and medical technology and in the last 30 years almost, in information technology. In the last 10 years of that, in the building industry itself.

Contributing much of his time to the village, Geoff was the first convener of the Narara Eco Living Network, the outreach arm of the Narara [Ecovillage] Community. He is now on the board of directors as well as the energy design and water design groups. He finds both very interesting as the village aims towards being “off the grid” for both water and power.

He is excited about the possibilities for this village to demonstrate to the wider community how people can live a more sustainable lifestyle through reducing greenhouse emissions, through producing renewable energy on their rooftop, then joining the community in a smart grid so they can share energy with their neighbours. He believes that Narara is an opportunity to demonstrate the alternative, which is more sensible, more sustainable, more enjoyable.

There are so many aspects to life where you could reduce your consumption of energy, materials and your environmental footprint by cooperating with your neighbours.



Emily grew up in Sydney, has 2 adult children, and is now retired from nursing.
She is very interested in living in a community with like minded people who want to live in harmony with each other and with the earth in a sustainable, healing way.
She was inspired by a visit to “Findhorn” (community in Nth Scotland) where she found people who were very “alive” and growing as individuals in their interaction with each other – not becoming isolated in their “aloneness” as so often happens in our present society.

I love the abundance and beauty of the natural world and want to contribute to nurturing it.

Steve and Liz

Steve and Liz

Liz is an educator, a healer, a communicator and dances Argentine Tango.
Steve is an engineer, an energy enthusiast, a chorister and a bushie.

We didn’t quite do the commune thing in the eighties.  When this Ecovillage came around, it seemed like a good time to revisit those old ideas of deliberate construction of community on a manageable scale.  It is going along pretty well as the project nears fruition.  This is quite possibly the real thing.  The members of the Co-op are interesting, committed and true believers albeit diversely.