Land Available for Sustainable Homes

If you are interested in living here, there will soon be another chance to purchase land and build your dream sustainable home! Joining our community is a gratifying commitment. We encourage you to visit the Ecovillage to get a sense of the community if you think you might be interested in joining. We also suggest you read through our FAQs.

All Stage 1 land has been allocated, however Stage 2 residential lots will be available soon – and the waiting list is filling fast! Below is the draft concept plan.

Stage 2 Land

The Stage 2 Development Application (DA) was submitted to Central Coast Council on 13 March 2020. 

Join our Co-op to secure an option to purchase a lot in Stage 2, as well as becoming a part owner of the co-op assets. These include community facilities, recreational and food growing areas, sheds, offices, playgrounds and more…

Individuals can combine and share a co-op membership, if they have the
intention to build a ‘house’ together, which offers the opportunity for smaller footprint and affordability.

If you would like some more information, please complete the form below or call Jazz on (02) 4328 1588 / email

If you have specific questions, see if they are answered in our FAQs.