October open day on Sunday 25th.

Some folk have told us that Saturday’s can be tough to get to our open day! So this October we’ll hold the open day on Sunday.

Sunday 25 October

Open Day tours and our Network Talk of the Month

10.30 a.m. Registration, tea and sandwiches.
11 a.m. Presentation on Narara Ecovillage Project, followed by questions.
12 p.m. Site tours.
1 p.m. Community lunch.
2 pm. NELN talk: Stephane Verhaeghe: “Growing Old with Grace: Montessori in Community”.
3 p.m. close.

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  1. I am interested to join the open day this Sunday….I notice it says registration…is attendance full dy only or can one just drop in for part of the day
    kind thanks

    1. Post

      Hi Gabby – anytime you can make it will be fine. I would highly suggest the 11am presentation to get a really good overview of the project and the site. And the site tours from 12pm are great to see the whole place and put in context what you hear in the presentation.

  2. Looking forward to joining the open day tomorrow. I hope this is not too late for me to register my interest.

    Best regards

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