Land Available for Sustainable Homes

If you are interested in living here, there are still a few remaining opportunities to be part of this vision and build your dream sustainable home! Homes in the first stage are almost all built with a wide range of sustainable house types and designs. The second stage infrastructure is now complete and the lots are just about ready to go.

If you think you might be drawn to explore living at Narara Ecovillage, there are still opportunities to be involved. But we recommend you get in touch soon!

Sept 2023 Update

  • In Stage 2, the standard 550sqm lots are mostly spoken for. There are only two lots currently available – however, as with Stage 1, life happens and things change.
  • We do have 5 x Special and 2 x Reserved Lots and anticipate being able to take in another 10-12 new memberships. This is dependent on the approval of our Planning Proposal currently with Council (May 2023). We hope our Planning Proposal will allow some of our large lots to be subdivided into smaller lots to support our goals around collaborative living and affordability.

Joining our community is a gratifying commitment. We encourage you to visit the Ecovillage to get a sense of the community if you think you might be interested in joining. We also suggest you read through our FAQs.

Stage 2 Land Availability

The infrastructure for Stage 2 is complete now and we are in the process of obtaining titles so that 43 of our members can settle their lot purchase and get on with building their homes here.  Our members choose different approaches including Owner Builder, people engaging a builder, some exploring pre-fab homes and others joining together to reduce cost and footprint – exciting times!

Sometime ago we lodged a Planning Proposal in order to open up some further opportunities in our ecovillage development and it looks as though we have been successful in our application! So shortly it will be possible for 450sqm lots, as well as  the existing 550sqm lots, some of which may be subdivided.

If you are interested now is the time to act – join our Co-op to secure an option to purchase a lot in Stage 2, as well as becoming a part owner of the co-op assets. These include community facilities, recreational and food growing land and greenhouses, sheds, offices, playgrounds, our dam, and the beautiful bushland with trails leading into Strickland State Forest right from your back door…

There are also opportunities for collaborative living – individuals can combine and share a co-op membership, if they have the intention to build a ‘house’ together, which offers the opportunity for smaller footprint and affordability. Please ask us about our CLAN group – Cooperative Living at Narara Ecovillage. We are doing exciting, ground-breaking work in this area.

If you would like some more information, please complete the form below or call Jazz on (02) 4328 1588 / email

If you have specific questions about joining Narara Ecovillage, see if they are answered in our FAQs.