Sustainable Houses

Jaw-Dropping Houses at Narara Ecovillage

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We are excited to bring you the creative minds behind some of the Ecovillage’s most distinctive houses. Join us as we discuss their vision and journey so far. Circular, hexagonal, natural and organic – this session will be a delight for your eyes.

Best schools on the central coast

School Options (around the Central Coast)

John Huang Community, Video

A conversation between families in the Ecovillage who have chosen different schooling options for their children. Which schools are great in the Narara area? What are considered to be the best schools on the Central Coast? How do the local Steiner, Montessori, Home School and Public Schools differ in aspects of classroom sizes, homework and use of technology? Which dovetails …

Introduction to Narara Ecovillage

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In the past, we have held a short talk for Open Day visitors to share some of the vision and reality of Narara Ecovillage. With the coronavirus restrictions, we have had to change the way we hold these events, so please enjoy this online video version of our Open Day talk.

Candy’s Earthship

Marg Sustainability, Sustainable Houses, Video

An Earthship is a passive solar earth shelter that is made of both natural and upcycled materials. Candy’s features earth-packed tires, cob walls and a natural geothermal cooling system. This earthship was only the second approved in NSW. “At least a hundred people helped me build this house. It was made with so much love. Anybody that comes here feels …

Triplespan Growing Experiment

John Huang Community, Video

What happens when you get a bunch of permaculturalists, landscapers, growers, botanists, and people who like good food in the one place? The veggie patch version of a cosmic explosion! Join us to chat with Marg from the Triplespan Growing Group about the niche growing ideas used in the Triplespan Greenhouse here at Narara Ecovillage. There’s sure to be a …

Living with Wildlife at Narara Ecovillage

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Join us for a fascinating chat about birds and wildlife with avid birdwatcher and Ecovillage member Richard. It is wonderful to see how many different species we share our home with, and you can learn about some of the ways we actively encourage the increase and diversification of native animals. Find out how you can track the change of season …

Creative Financing

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Alternatives to the Traditional Models of Home Ownership and Bank Finance at Narara Ecovillage. Our next Friday night zoom will see us chatting with Deb who does the finances for our Ecovillage. We have many interested followers who can’t afford to buy a lot and build a house, or who don’t want to be tied down to a mortgage for …

Historic House Makeover: From Freezing to Comfort

John Huang Sustainability, Video

Nicky and Mark are the happy owners of Bellbird House – a heritage listed timber house at Narara Ecovillage. They are meticulously restoring their home, and have had to focus on thermal comfort as the house was freezing cold in winter and stupendously warm in summer. We will chat to them about what they have done to make their home …

A Vision for Our Children

John Huang Community, Video

Megan is a co-host of our village Parents Circle. Here, she explains how living at Narara Ecovillage offers so much hope and promise for our children, and through them our environment, our people and our world. What dreams do you have for your children? Watch the video:

Kids Tour of the Ecovillage

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Want to know what’s so great about growing up in an Ecovillage? Take a tour with some Ecovillage kids around their favourite places. Watch the video: More videos on our Youtube page.