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CL@N: Collaborative Living at Narara – Sharing ownership to create an intergenerational ecovillage

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By Lyndall Parris

The original and key aim of Narara Ecovillage is to, among other things: ‘research, design and build an intergenerational, demonstration ecovillage’.

Currently of the 190 Nararians, 37% are under 50 years of age (20% of these are children); interestingly, no one in their 20s, perhaps for very explainable reasons. We recognise the importance of intergenerational living as embedding the principles of sustainability and providing a regenerative environment in which all ages can flourish.

With this in mind, we are putting more focus on ways that we can make living at Narara Ecovillage more accessible for young people and families. In Stage 2, which is now ‘open for business’, we are actively exploring many exciting, leading edge, models of living collaboratively and utilising the creative energy of current and future Nararians, as well as leading associated professionals. 

We hope to inspire and share knowledge around innovative, inclusive and more affordable housing options by: 

  • encouraging designs with granny flats (potentially available for long term rental as well as short stays), 
  • enabling the co-location of a tiny house on a lot with a primary residence
  • setting aside some larger lots in Stage 2 for a group of people to collaborate with design and reduce individual footprint
  • sharing existing designs and experience gained through Stage 1
  • exploring the collaborative possibilities within the current planning regulations, 

If you fit this demographic or know young people and families who might be interested, we welcome you especially to our Open Day this Saturday, and/or one of our family–friendly summer events. 

And if you would like to talk through your specific circumstances, please contact us directly, mention Collaborative Living at Narara (CL@N) and we will inform you of our progress in this area and more importantly hear some of your ideas and dreams.  We meet on Zoom every Wednesday 5.30-7.00 – come along and meet us with your questions!