Our Vision and Strategic Objectives

Our Vision is for an environmentally, socially and economically sustainable world.

Our Mission is to create a sustainable ecovillage as a demonstration of this vision.

Our Aim is to nurture a resilient and inclusive intergenerational community that inspires collaboration, innovation and fun; to live with kindness, aware of our interdependence with others and the natural world; and to learn and demonstrate ways to thrive within the earth’s ecological capacity, drawing on Indigenous wisdom and fostering regenerative environmental, social and economic practices.

(Updated Aim, November 2021)

Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan was developed in April 2022 and guides the activities of the Narara Ecovillage for the period from 2022-2030.

Summary of Strategic Objectives

  1. That the Ecovillage increases biodiversity on its lands by 2% every 4 years, and by working with others, has a demonstrable impact on preservation and regeneration of biodiversity both locally and globally.
  2. That by 2030 15,000kg of food are provided from the Ecovillage and our partners each year.
  3. That the Ecovillage’s ratings improve for cultural indicators which reflect our Aim; and for individual members’ ratings for social capital: trust, collaboration, commitment and satisfaction.
  4. That Narara Ecovillage households on average achieve a 75% reduction in net annual operational carbon emissions by 2030 when compared to the average for residences in Central Coast Council area in CY2020 (embodied carbon to be offset in 30 years of joining, as per our CMS).
  5. That by 2030 the Ecovillage has a worldwide outreach for its work as a demonstration ecovillage, hosting 10,000 people at face to face events; 100,000 paid online interactions and reaching 1 million people through virtual and online means.
  6. That by 2030 30% of the Ecovillage’s annual operating costs are derived from contributions by regenerative businesses owned by and/or based at the Ecovillage.