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Narara Ecovillage is an intergenerational residential community on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia—surrounded by bushland, close to pristine beaches, and an easy drive (or stunning train trip) just over an hour north of Sydney.

Founded in 2006, the Ecovillage has over 50 homes built in Stage 1, with another 45 lots ready for construction in Stage 2. A few lots are still available, and we’re always excited to connect with prospective new members.

We’re situated on 63 hectares around the site of a former horticultural research station, with 12 hectares zoned for residential development, 12 hectares for agriculture and common gardens, and the remaining 39 hectares for native forest and bushland.

We chose a small housing zone to help maximise food production, recreation and conservation. We were fortunate to inherit existing structures, including two residential dwellings, a large hall, and an office building that now houses our members’ lounge, visitor accommodation and food co-operative. We also inherited greenhouses, sheds, garages and workshops perfect for growing food and collaborative cottage industries.

Memberships and Selling Land

Members can be individuals, a couple, a family or friends—or even a ‘Corporate Structure’ of some type of cohousing. A minimum shareholding of $30,000 is purchased in the community land, and buildings owned by the Co-operative.

Members can then buy an Ecovillage lot for residence and/or investment. Members contribute to Co-operative maintenance and development either through 1 hour of work—in anything from admin work, to lawn mowing, or even washing up. If this volunteer service is a challenge for members for any reason, donations of $20 in lieu of each volunteer hour are accepted. Members also commit to our Community Management Statement.

In the event that a member chooses to exit the Co-operative and sell their property, their shares will be repurchased by the Co-operative and their property can be sold to anyone, even parties that are not yet current members of the Co-operative. Buyers will however need to become members and buy shares in the Co-operative before settlement.

Building Standards

The Ecovillage has established building standards designed to create homes which meet the sustainable aspirations of the village. Owners may choose whatever style of building they prefer—from the more conventional concrete slab/lightweight frame construction, through to more natural techniques such as hempcrete, strawbale and rammed earth.

All designs must meet a minimum NatHERS 7 stars rating. In addition, the building standards score aspects such whether the building materials are sourced locally, their embodied carbon, water efficiencies and more. Our trained assessors and Building Review Panel support members to design to the building standards.

Ecovillage homes are connected to the external grid through our approved embedded network, NEV Power. Sufficient PV solar panels are required, with houses connected to a SmartGrid and battery to store and use excess power and integrate with the grid. Our SmartGrid was funded through a million-dollar government grant from ARENA.

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We have a bold and inspiring vision to build a world class Ecovillage.

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Our property is extraordinary bushland at Narara, on the Central Coast of NSW, just 1.25 hours north of Sydney’s CBD.
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The Narara Ecovillage Co-operative currently consists of around ~180 people.
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