Our community is made up of ~235 interesting and diverse people in the age range from newborn to early 80s!! There are currently 114 people living on site. We have around 60 kids that are part of the Ecovillage, and we are connected with the local school, as well as the Steiner, Montessori and Homeschooling communities. Our members include plumbers and bankers, property valuers and landscapers, social workers and midwives. We have several members who work from home, with a strong community that combats any feeling of isolation.

We are particularly proud that we have built our community first before our homes. Our goal is to encourage neighbourly interaction while respecting people’s privacy – with a strong sense of community belonging. To support this, our Community Team oversees areas we call Belonging, Communicating, Collaborating and Place Making & Fun Weaving.

We have adopted a form of governance called Sociocracy, which underpins the way we run the village and make decisions that affect the community. It helps with transparency and fairness, allows all voices to be heard and makes for better decisions with greater buy-in from those affected by the decision. Please contact us, if you would like to attend ‘A Taste of Sociocracy’ session to learn more.

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