Ecoliving Podcast #5: Straw Bale and Straw Panel Homes, with Viva Homes

Adam Weiss Podcast

With Sustainable House Day happening here at the ecovillage and across Australia in March, we wanted to focus this episode on one type of sustainable house that we have several of here at the ecovillage: a strawbale-insulated home. Straw has been used for insulation for all of human history, but that doesn’t mean that a straw-insulated house has to look …

Ecoliving Podcast #4: Mushrooms and Mushroom-Growing

Adam Weiss Podcast

Want to move beyond fruit and vegetables in your garden? How about mushrooms? This episode features Lincoln DeKalb, a Narara Ecovillage resident who runs Shed 30 Mushrooms, a small mushroom-growing business based at the ecovillage. Lincoln started cultivating mushrooms at home (and in the forest that surrounds the village), then relatively recently started growing and selling gourmet mushrooms at a …

Ecoliving Podcast #3: Community Batteries, Smartgrids, and Microgrids

Adam Weiss Podcast

We just celebrated the official launch of our Narara Ecovillage community battery and microgrid, and Toby Roxburgh came up from Canberra to launch the system, which he helped design. Toby is the founder and executive director of Carbon Neutral Delivery Partners, and he joined Adam to talk about the differences between smartgrids and microgrids, and the benefits of batteries for …

Community Battery & Smart Grid Launch

admin Sustainability

An incredible milestone! This week we launched our Community Battery and celebrated the achievement of building the smart grid and battery to-date. Very appreciative of the support from our local members Dr Gordon Reid and Liesel Tesch, Central Coast Council and ARENA who provided the grant that made it all possible.

Ecoliving Podcast #2: Passive House (Passivhaus) and Envirotecture

Adam Weiss Podcast

After a bit of a hiatus, our second podcast episode is ready – we’ll be more consistent in the future. This episode features Andy Marlow from Envirotecture, a Sydney sustainable design firm. Andy is also involved in Passivhaus Design & Construct, and joins Adam for a conversation about the Passive House (also known as Passivhaus) concept, how it works, and …

House-sitting at the Ecovillage

admin Community

A big and sincere thank you to all the wonderful villagers who through their kindness made our summer holiday the most amazing stay ever. Through your thoughtfulness and generosity, we were able to enjoy the beautiful bird singing every day, having the scenic views over the surroundings, spend time amongst the nature every day learning catchy tunes of the butcher …

Circular Economy

Plotting our progress – Evaluating Narara Ecovillage’s social, environmental, and economic projects

admin Community

Rosemary Leonard Narara Ecovillage (NEV) is a living experiment in how people can work together at the local level to create a thriving community. NEV members know we need to explore new ways not only of regenerating the environment and our communities but also our economic systems – because they all work together. One of the most exciting aspects of …

Ecoliving Podcast #1: Tiny House Living

Adam Weiss Podcast

We’ve launched a podcast! Ecoliving will look at ways to reduce your impact on the earth, from cutting your greenhouse gas emissions to minimizing land and water use. Our first episode features Narara Ecovillage resident Chris Wenban, who lives full time in her tiny house on wheels. Listen Here:

The Bulk Food Store (aka ‘the Food Co-op’)

admin Community

by Annie McCluskey Early this year, I started volunteering at the Narara Ecovillage bulk food store for two hours each week. I really enjoy this role, as it allows me to meet more village members and learn about food, while contributing to our community. Six village volunteers run the store, which opens at least twice a week. The store was …

Sustainability meets comfort in a hemp house

hanna.lofgren Sustainable Houses

“This house has been described as hugging its occupants, which is exactly what I wanted in my new home.” Donna The house sits on a sloping block with sweeping views across the valley. It is a single storey house split over two levels following the natural slope of the site. The upper level has a burnished concrete slab floor, which …

A family of Finno-Swedes make Narara their home

admin People

Recently joined Ecovillage members, Hanna and Peter Lofgren and their four children, are excited to be embarking on a new adventure in sustainable, community living. The Lofgrens come from a minority called Finno-Swedes who have Swedish as their first language, so they are tri-lingual and are dual citizens of Australia and Finland. Peter studied history and film in Copenhagen and …

Sustainable Houses

Jaw-Dropping Houses at Narara Ecovillage

John Huang Video

We are excited to bring you the creative minds behind some of the Ecovillage’s most distinctive houses. Join us as we discuss their vision and journey so far. Circular, hexagonal, natural and organic – this session will be a delight for your eyes.

Deb and Dan – seeking more connection and meaning

admin People

Deb and Dan were looking for a place where their kids could roam free, and they could have meaningful connections with their neighbours. They had visited other ecovillages before choosing Narara, and were wanting to know they would have like-minded neighbours. Deb says: “We had heard stories of inter-connectedness, but hadn’t really felt it. What we didn’t really expect was …

Best schools on the central coast

School Options (around the Central Coast)

John Huang Community, Video

A conversation between families in the Ecovillage who have chosen different schooling options for their children. Which schools are great in the Narara area? What are considered to be the best schools on the Central Coast? How do the local Steiner, Montessori, Home School and Public Schools differ in aspects of classroom sizes, homework and use of technology? Which dovetails …

Earth Bag Hobbit House

Natural Building at Narara Ecovillage

admin Sustainability, Sustainable Houses

Ben’s House  Ben’s workshop We’ve had a great Winter on the build of this round recycled home, with plenty being done to get us from a bare slab to a roofed and walled light-straw-earth and cob home, thanks greatly to the help of some pretty awesome workaway volunteers (big shoutouts to Euge and Fran, Lois & Koen) and our designers/natural …

intergenerational Community

Sharing ownership to create an intergenerational ecovillage at Narara

admin Community

By Lyndall Parris The original and key aim of Narara Ecovillage is to, among other things: ‘research, design and build an intergenerational, demonstration ecovillage’. Currently of the 190 Nararians, 37% are under 50 years of age (20% of these are children); interestingly, no one in their 20s, perhaps for very explainable reasons. We recognise the importance of intergenerational living as …

Sociocracy - Sociocratic Circles

Sociocracy: How we get things done at Narara Ecovillage

Rafaele Joudry Community

People often ask us how we make decisions and handle our differences. We use a method called Sociocracy: an evolution beyond democracy and beyond consensus. Sociocracy includes many practical elements such as: 1  Decisions are made in smaller or larger groups meeting as circles In a circle, each person’s voice is valued equally; we take turns speaking and listening. The …

Introduction to Narara Ecovillage

admin Video

In the past, we have held a short talk for Open Day visitors to share some of the vision and reality of Narara Ecovillage. With the coronavirus restrictions, we have had to change the way we hold these events, so please enjoy this online video version of our Open Day talk.