Our Vision

Our Vision

We aspire for an environmentally, socially and economically sustainable world.

Our Mission

To create a sustainable Ecovillage as a demonstration of this Vision.

Our Aim

To research, design and build a stylish, intergenerational, friendly demonstration Ecovillage at Narara, blending the principles of ecological and social sustainability, good health, business, caring and other options that can evolve for our well-being.

“Imagine a group of people of all ages, living sustainably as a thriving community in a contemporary development near Sydney – having fun, living lightly, being connected…”

Key areas of the village


Green building
Organic food production
Renewable energy production
Rainwater harvesting and wastewater reuse
Bush care for native flora and fauna


A diverse group, all ages
Fun social events
Celebrating the seasons together
Sharing and caring


Thriving village economy
Business enterprises
Café, shop, arts and crafts
Food production and markets
Learning centre


Wellness centre
Holistic healthcare
Work-life balance
Open space for children
Nurturing relationships
Connection to nature and local Community

We will live in harmony with nature, preserving natural habitats on village land and build a home with minimal environmental impact which considers orientation, thermal mass, planting for privacy and temperature control, insulation, energy efficiency and environmentally friendly materials, as well as eco-friendly water supply, power, drainage, garbage disposal and recycling.

We aim to build a thriving diverse community of 300+ people of all ages. The layout will encourage neighbourly interaction while respecting people’s privacy – we will have a strong sense of belonging.

Some people with homes in our village may work from home or in the village or work part-time in the city.

Our village is located at Narara, a little over an hour north of Sydney and 20 minutes from the coast. We aim to build positive and inclusive relationships with our neighbours, other parts of Australia and the World.

Our village and our processes will be a showcase and teaching ground for interested visitors. We will endeavour to inspire others to live more lightly on the earth and show that it is possible without compromising a comfortable, mainstream lifestyle.

Stylish, inter-generational and friendly
The look of our village will be clean, green, modern, quality and organised. There will be a good mix of public and private space.

Good health
Our village aims to actively promote physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. We will pursue activities and facilities to develop good health. These will develop and change over time, and include both residents and guests.

We aim to develop a business centre to encourage and nurture enterprises set up in our village – so that people can live, work and play here.

We plan is to establish a system of caring so that you will know what will happen in the event of a dramatic life change e.g. your partner should die, you become dependently sick, you have an accident, you need permanent care or you need temporary assistance. We aim to develop a system of caring that will be agreed upon, documented and implemented.

Other options that may evolve
We will set up flexible systems to oversee the necessary changes to our evolving village and to encourage ongoing, fresh initiative and enterprise. We will support a diversity of activities, new thoughts and perspectives to keep the energy of the village alive.