Candy’s Earthship

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An Earthship is a passive solar earth shelter that is made of both natural and upcycled materials. Candy’s features earth-packed tires, cob walls and a natural geothermal cooling system. This earthship was only the second approved in NSW.

“At least a hundred people helped me build this house. It was made with so much love. Anybody that comes here feels that.” Candy

An Earthship is typically built with natural and recycled materials with energy conservation in mind. In Candy’s 2-bedroom house the building materials include strawbale, used tyres and bottles. The house has been designed to make minimal use of public utilities and fossil fuels. 

Natural heating and cooling occur because of appropriate location of thermal mass and insulation, as well as position of the home. The northwall is largely glass giving plenty of room for growing tropical food plants in the entry-way. Plants provide fresh air and food. They are set in wicking beds that utilise water from the washing machine. 

The internal wall on the southside of this long, green corridor is naturally heated by the sunlight and helps keep the living spaces warm and cosy in the winter months.  

The design is for a small suburban block: the house is only 15 meters wide in the north-south direction. 

Key features:

  • Underground earthtubes and solar chimneys provide additional coolness in the summer as well as ventilation and therefore good air quality.