What Life is Like in this Ecovillage

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After 28 years of dreaming, progressing and living the Narara Ecovillage Dream, Lyndall Parris reflects on some of the aspects of Narara Ecovillage that she loves. 

It is fun living at Narara Ecovillage (NEV):

  • when the NEV band plays gigs in the Village Hall and I dance with people my height and kids up to my belly button
  • when I walk the incredible arboretum and forest tracks
  • the easy and optional social gatherings
  • regular ‘Dancing in the Dark like Nobody is Watching’ sessions, because they’re not!
community dinner in village hall

The ecovillage healthy ethos rubs off on me:

  • increasing organic food production for a healthier microbiome
  • the price reductions available at our Village Pantry for organic dry goods
  • we live in a healthier house than ever before
  • I am part of a Health & Wellbeing interest group who influence and inform each other
  • easy access to nearby ‘forest bathing’
  • our three-generation family can easily help each other but not be ‘in each other’s face’
  • living in an intergenerational ecovillage has subtle health benefits

Things are easier at Narara Ecovillage:

  • facilities are developed and developing. For example, sauna and gym facilities, yoga, qigong, Village Pantry, organic veggies.
  • practitioners offer services. For example,, massage therapist, osteopath and chiropractic, wound healing advice, tech support, electrical, plumbing, building and maintenance support and garden expertise
  • conversations
  • play dates for children and adults
  • easy to access nature easy location for access to broader services, local shops, city linked rail transport, freeways and Sydney city friends and adventures
fresh vegies

Sustainability is increasingly becoming more my way of life :

  • my hemp house feels clever, noble and healthy
  • I have learnt simpler systems of how to recycle and be more mindful of my rubbish footprint
  • I am learning how to sustainably pace myself in a more hectic world
  • more personal financial sustainability with fun and living costs more tempered

There are cost savings living at Narara Ecovillage:

  • the lower price of food from the Village Pantry and the community garden – benefits from Nararians generous volunteering 
  • the running costs of a more sustainable house are less
  • we are still car owners but there are cost savings available through sharing our cars 
village pantry laughing people

We are becoming more resilient:

  • increasing our fresh, food production on our land
  • energy production more that we need
  • combined intelligence, experience and know how
  • mutual help and caring is increasing in the community

Contribution gives me purpose, achievement and satisfaction and demonstrates an alternative to life generally experienced ‘in the burbs’. Being part of Narara Ecovillage makes me feel that I am doing a little bit to better our world.

Finally, we are all part of a T.E.A.M. – Together Everybody Achieves More: fun, health, ease, sustainability, cost savings, resilience.