Building over sewers

NEV Water’s strategy for managing proposals that involve building in proximity to sewers is outlined in the policy document linked here.

NEV~Technical Guidelines -for-Building-over-or-adjacent-to-Sewer-Mains~V1_3

It is the Owners responsibility to investigate and document the below options, in consultation with NEV Water .

1. Relocate proposed structure

2. Relocate NEV Water ’s affected sewer assets

3. Provide protection measures for both NEV Water ’s sewer assets and proposed structure, and build over/adjacent to asset.

 The owner shall consider an integrated approach and demonstrate that all associated risks can be managed with marginal costs if building over or adjacent to a sewer is to be considered and accepted by NEV Water.
Here are some commonly asked questions and answers.

 Can I build over a sewer main?

NEV Water may allow you to build structures over sewer mains subject to certain conditions, which may include piers under the structure and concrete encasement of the sewer main.

Can I build over a sewer inspection pits (or lamp – hole ) ?

No – NEV Water will not allow you to build over a sewer lamp – hole as they must remain accessible at all times. Any structure must be at least 1.5 metres away. Some lightweight structures may be approved subject to conditions.

Can I build over my sewer junction?

No – If you wish to build over a section of sewer main that contains a sewer junction (where my private sewer line joins the NEV Water owned main) , you will need to arrange a new junction to be “cut – in” clear of the proposed building.


Can I put a water tank over a sewer main?

In most instances, yes, although size and type of pipe will determine if it is acceptable. If approved NEV Water shall require concrete encasement of the sewer main under the water tank or pool .

Can I construct a driveway or lay pavers over the sewer?

In most instances, yes, NEV Water generally allows residential driveways over the sewer without protection requirements . Any inspection pit fittings in the driveway will need to be altered to suit the finished level of t he driveway at the applicant’s cost.

Note: Council may specify sewer main protection or specific expansion jointing in certain circumstances i.e. concrete encasement may be required where driveway construction results in less than minimum cover over a sewe r main. Any required work is at applicant’s cost.

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