Residential Pricing

The charges shown below are for a full year. Residential customers receive a bill from NEV Water four times a year. Water and sewer charges for customers consist of a fixed service charge and a usage charge.

IPART ( NSW Government Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal) determines the maximum prices that NEV can charge customers for water, sewerage and stormwater drainage.

All water and sewerage charges are GST free.

Residential Water Charges

NEV supplies customers with 2 water services. A potable water supply which is metered and a non potable water supply which is not metered.

Water charges for residential customers are made up of:

A fixed base water service charge for operating the water system.

A water usage charge is applied to the volume of potable water used by an individual customer. Usage charges are measured in kilolitres (kL).

Water Charges

Potable water service charge $36.25 per quarter

Non potable water service charge $67.50 per quarter

Water usage $2.57 per kL water used

Sewer Charges

NEV charges residential customers a base sewer service charge set to recover the cost of operating the sewer system.

Residential Sewer Charges

Base sewer service charge for a stand-alone dwelling $155.00 per quarter

NSW Govt Private Water Scheme Pensioner Rebates

The NSW Government has now announced that it will provide eligible customers of Narara Ecovillage NEV Water with water and sewer pensioner rebates.

The rebate for 2023/24 is $97.20 for water and $495.23 for sewer providing a total rebate of $592.43 per household per annum.

To check out your eligibility and for more information please use the following link

NSW Govt Pensioner Rebate