Lincoln People

Geoff has a master’s degree in food technology and worked in the food technology, biotechnology and medical technology and in the last 30 years almost, in information technology. In the last 10 years of that, in the building industry itself.

Contributing much of his time to the village, Geoff was the first convener of the Narara Eco Living Network, the outreach arm of the Narara [Ecovillage] Community. He is now on the board of directors as well as the energy design and water design groups. He finds both very interesting as the village aims towards being “off the grid” for both water and power.

He is excited about the possibilities for this village to demonstrate to the wider community how people can live a more sustainable lifestyle through reducing greenhouse emissions, through producing renewable energy on their rooftop, then joining the community in a smart grid so they can share energy with their neighbours. He believes that Narara is an opportunity to demonstrate the alternative, which is more sensible, more sustainable, more enjoyable.

There are so many aspects to life where you could reduce your consumption of energy, materials and your environmental footprint by cooperating with your neighbours.Geoff