John Talbott and Samantha Graham

John, Samantha and their son, Taran

Lincoln People

John is our Project Director with a background in engineering and brings a rich knowledge of sustainable community as former Director of the Findhorn Ecovillage, Scotland. Samantha is a sustainability consultant and meditation teacher. She puts time into the Web/IT team as well as the Governance team.
“We were aware of the project for many years and offered support and advice at various times when it was needed. But I also kept it at arms length. What drew me in finally was feeling the spirit of this land call to me. it felt like now, right time right place.” John.
With an 8 year old, John and Samantha are delighted to be able to bring him up in a safe, natural, creative, inviting environment, something quite different to suburbia. The proximity of the Steiner School (Central Coast) was the absolute clincher for them, in addition to the feeling they get whenever they walk onto the land.

John is hoping to build a roundhouse – Samantha wants to make sure they have a HUGE music room where all Taran’s friends (and ours) can come to jam with us. Also a messy room – she likes to be able to play with paint, clay, bits and pieces. They are thinking wood, glass, double-glazed, outdoor hot tub.

“Personally having lived for nearly 25 years in an aspiring ecovillage I know that the richness and quality of life in community is simply mind blowing. It is so far beyond what we’ve considered for most of our lives as the norm, it really needs to be experienced to be understood. I thought Findhorn was my once in a lifetime opportunity to design and build a true model of sustainable human community, but surprise, I got another chance with Narara.”John