Founding a Life and an Ecovillage

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It’s taken 20 years to get here, but, as the first houses are being completed, Lyndall Parris’ dream is finally coming to fruition. Lyndall has this month launched her memoirs, which tell the story of her life path leading her to establish the Narara Ecovillage.

This Ecovillage, like all projects that seek to step away from the status quo, started as a series of subtle enquiries before it ever took the shape of an idea. From a dream of wanting to live more connectedly in community, Lyndall discovered the Ecovillage movement and slowly linked up with others who were inspired by the idea. Growing the community first, before being able to purchase the land, has been a rich and rewarding process, not without challenges. Lyndall’s memoir holds much wisdom about creating community and holding on to your dream.

Founding a Life and an Ecovillage

What leads us to do our life’s work? Seeking life’s ‘sweet spot’, Lyndall Parris tells the story of her journey through life and to grow community through the Narara Ecovillage.

Cost: $35 + shipping ($9 for anywhere in Australia)

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“This book is one of the few I’ve found that explores the world of founders and entrepreneurship within the context of setting up a member owned business.

There are plenty of books about being an entrepreneur and this business tale is up there with the best of them. But at its core, it’s not a glorification of the ‘hero myth’, ‘I did it my way’ style or self promoting ‘losing my virginity’ style that usually accompanies a founder journey. Instead at the core of this book is the founders transformation, the encouragement of community and finding a common way.

For people like myself, this is a rare and beautiful book.”

Andrew Ward, Managing Director, Co-op Incubator