The curious tale of reciprocity, camaraderie and circularity in the building of a tennis wall

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by Lyndall Parris

A couple of us saw the usefulness of a fun, exercise-friendly, focal hub in the Ecovillage, particularly as a wave of our kids are maturing. We developed a proposal to build a tennis wall on an existing flat bitumen surface, sought lots of input and discussion, then received consent from the relevant community team to go ahead.

We talked to a Nararian builder for a rough quote and timeframe: $500/2 days with volunteer helpers and 90% recycled materials. After 2 days the wall was up. Sean volunteered for half a day and enjoyed it so much he stayed two, Megan was a stayer, Gisella, drawn to the project, turned up to help on the second day and some others came and went.

At the end of the second day, I asked our builder where we were up to with his payment: How can I charge when I have had such a good time, but if you know anyone who could repair the curtains in my van, that would be great! Anne responded: I can do that.