Revising our Aim

Marg Community

Background notes

  • Nurture: some people did not like the word “develop” because it sounds like a mainstream housing development.  “Create and Build” were in the last aim and are not suitable because we will have built it before the end of 10 years. “Grow” sounds a bit odd! So we landed on ‘nurture’, a word requested several times during the Picture Forming sessions.
  • Resilient: robust, durable, flexible, overcoming challenges.
  • Inclusive: one of the Sociocratic pillars, every voice important and given a space to be heard. We support and embrace the diversity amongst us and view this as a strength.
  • Intergenerational: members wanting a village of all ages.
  • Collaboration: emphasises working together and tapping into the ‘wisdom of the crowd.’
  • Innovation: debated well and accepted as a broader term to “creativity” which was felt to evoke more emphasis on the subset artistic development.
  • Fun: If things are not fun, they are not sustainable!
  • Kindness: bringing in compassion, caring and joy to others, valuing connection and leaning into conflict. 
  • Interdependence: The reality that we are systemically inter-dependent and everything we do affects ourselves, others and the natural world and they in turn affect us.
  • Learn: we will be open to continual learning.
  • Demonstrate: we will share our learnings to inspire others.
  • Thrive: to flourish and feel good about life and ourselves.
  • Ecological capacity: we started with ‘“limits”, but received some pushback, so have settled on “capacity”.  “Tolerance” was also suggested but we felt that it does not sound good as it makes it seem like the Earth has to put up with humans, which is against the point we are trying to make!
  • Indigenous wisdom: recognises Australia’s First Peoples’ deep connection to the land and interrelationship with all beings, and the learning that flows from this 
  • Regenerative E/S/E practices: striving for better, bolder, beyond sustainable practices in these areas.