Lyndall and Dave

Lincoln People

Lyndall is our passionate project founder and Director. Originally from Sydney, Lyndall comes from a background in accounting and teaching. Dave background is in renewable energy. They are very involved with the development of the project, when they are not traipsing around the world!

They raised their three children on a sheep property near Cooma and now each of them have a family of their own. To Lyndall and Dave’s delight, one of these families has also joined the Narara Ecovillage.

One thing that has excited Lyndall about the Ecovillage is that she can see that many of the relationships between people, and with herself and people, are deepening.

“It is really great to watch connections arising and deepening within our community. We have people of many ages, backgrounds and interests and the diversity and interest this provides is just so exciting.”Lyndall

If you’d like to hear more about Lyndall’s journey, her book has just been released:

Founding a Life and an Ecovillage

What leads us to do our life’s work? Seeking life’s “sweet spot,” Lyndall Parris tells the story of her journey through life and to grow community through the Narara Ecovillage.

Cost: $35 + shipping ($9 for anywhere in Australia)

Purchase through the link below – please be sure to add your name and address in the notes field so we can ship it to you.