Ecoliving Podcast #4: Mushrooms and Mushroom-Growing

Adam Weiss Podcast

Pink Oyster Mushrooms from Shed 30 Mushrooms (photo courtesy of Lincoln DeKalb)

Want to move beyond fruit and vegetables in your garden? How about mushrooms?

Lincoln DeKalb

This episode features Lincoln DeKalb, a Narara Ecovillage resident who runs Shed 30 Mushrooms, a small mushroom-growing business based at the ecovillage. Lincoln started cultivating mushrooms at home (and in the forest that surrounds the village), then relatively recently started growing and selling gourmet mushrooms at a larger scale — currently to ecovillage residents, but hopefully one day to the general public.

If you’re interested in getting started with mushroom-growing yourself, check out these links to things Lincoln mentioned in the episode:

And in you’re interested in attending Lincoln’s workshop at our upcoming Ecovillage Experience Weekend, click this link for more information:

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