Narara Ecovillage’s Board of Directors are elected by the membership sociocratically. Some of our Directors have been involved in the project from inception bringing a huge amount of continuity and project knowledge.

The current members of the Board are:

  • Verena MacLean (Chair)
  • Jonathan Ellis (Steering Circle downlink)
  • Rod Kashubin (Steering Circle uplink)
  • Ed Hughes
  • Lynita Clark 
  • Gina Price (Independent Board Member)

Our Co-operative Secretary is Catherine Oddie and the Board Administrator is Mariela Salisch.

Former serving Board Directors are Lyndall Parris, Richard Denham, Grant Rickey, Laurence Perrin, Tony Hester, Stuart King, John Talbott, Mark Fisher, Donna Carey, Richard Cassels, Geoff Cameron, Nicky Prince, Lincoln De Kalb, Patricia Meagher and Bronwen Bassett.

A little more about some of our Directors:

Verena Maclean

Verena was elected to our board in 2015 and brings a human relations and community eye to board decisions. She is a member of AICD and brings 20+ years consulting experience in requisite organisation, organisational development, capability building, work complexity and effectiveness across all sectors and industries. 

Gina Price

At the last board election there was a strong consensus about the value that Gina brings as an Independent director. Gina Price was originally nominated for a variety of reasons one of which is her skills in sociocracy. The insights that she brings to the Board is invaluable and her commitment is shown by the hours of work she puts in to help us develop a robust sociocratically focused governance framework. Gina teleconferences into our board meetings from Western Australia each month.