Our Electricity tariffs

Our current tariffs are outlined below

Supply Charge – is a fixed daily rate which is intended to offset some of the fixed cost elements including the infrastructure established in the ecovillage. This is currently $1.20 per day plus GST.

All day rate per kWh for power drawn from the smartgrid. This is currently 27c kWh plus GST.

Feed in tariff per kWh which we pay you for excess power exported to the smartgrid. This is currently 1c kWh.

NEV Power has nearly completed the installation of our low power data network which enables NEV Power to record power imported and exported for each customer for every 15 minute period during the day.

This data will be used to implement Time of Use (TOU) billing to all customers. We plan to offer a 2 step rate tariff

Daytime rate which will be very low cost reflecting the abundance of power produced across our network.

Nighttime rate which will be at a higher cost as it makes use of the energy stored in our community battery. This power is limited and the higher cost is assigned to encourage owners to limit nightime consumption.