Our Electricity tariffs

NEV Power offers 2 types of contract. The table below outlines our current tariffs.

Supply Charge – is a fixed daily rate which is intended to offset some of the fixed cost elements including the infrastructure established in the ecovillage.

And one of :

  • All day rate per kWh – which applies to customers who have not yet had the smartgrid enabled in their house. This will generally be during the construction phase when the power is being consumed by your builders or contractors.
  • Time of Use tariffs – Once we have installed your home energy management system and the smart meter this enables NEV Power to measure your power consumption and power production from your PV array. Consumption and production is measured on a time of day basis. We are able to provide you with detailed information on your power production and consumption. This information is used to create you quarterly invoice using the tariff table below.During each time of day period (Peak, Shoulder & Off-peak) NEV Power will pay you a feed in tariff rate for any power generated by your PV array which is not used within your own premises. NEV Power will also charge you for the network power you have consumed during each time of day period.
Tariff Tariff period


Tariff period


Tarrif rate – the price you pay before GST Feed in tariff – the price you sell to NEV Power – no GST applicable
Supply charge Daily fixed rate Daily fixed rate $1.20 per day
Peak rate 7am to 9am weekdays

2pm to 8pm weekdays

8am to 10am weekdays

3pm to 9pm weekdays

38c per kwh 1c per kwh
Shoulder rate 9am – 2pm & 8pm – 10pm weekdays

7am to 10pm weekends

10am – 3pm & 9pm – 11pm weekdays

8am to 11pm weekends

18c per kwh 1c per kwh
Off peak rate 10pm to 7am – 7 days week 11pm to 8am – 7 days week 15c per kwh 1c per kwh
Fixed all day rate Applies all day to supplies without time of use metering 27c per kwh 1c per kwh