Smartgrid meter and power management

NEV Power will provide you with a smart meter and a Home Energy Management system which will enable you to participate as a full member of the NEV Power smart grid. The owner is responsible for providing a suitable internet connection. Installation by a qualified electrician of the smart meter and power management system is the responsibility of the owner. NEV Power will need to test and seal the smart meter and controls once installed.

The following wiring guidelines are available for your builder or electrician.

The smart meter enables NEV Power to measure your power consumption and power production from your PV array. Consumption and production is measured on a time of day basis. We are able to provide you with detailed information on your power production and consumption. This information is used to create you quarterly invoice.

During each time of day period (Peak, Shoulder & Off-peak) NEV Power will pay you a feed in tariff rate for any power generated by your PV array which is not used within your own premises. NEV Power will also charge you for the network power you have consumed during each time of day period.

NEV customers participate in the NEV Smart Grid. The power management system installed when you connect to NEV Power provides you and NEV Power the capability to remotely switch on or off certain nominated powered devices within your own home. These might include your hot water system and/or your air conditioner. This allows you to minimise the cost of power you purchase, maximise the return from power you sell to the smart grid and allows NEV Power to make the most efficient use of the power generated across the NEV community.

By utilising the Smartgrid you will either receive a direct benefit when your surplus generated power is used to create hot water and to heat & cool your house or may be used within the community to supply other village loads. This will avoid the need for you to draw more expensive power from the grid to heat water or cool or heat your house at a later time. When village loads are fully satisfied, power may be exported at a relatively low feed in tariff rate to the external electricity grid. in the future, if the external power system is very short of power, NEV Power may use it’s surplus generated or stored power to earn a premium rate.

To maximise the benefits of the smart grid you should ensure any high demand appliances such as water heaters, air conditioners and electric car charging points are on separate controllable circuits. Speak with NEV Power if you would like more information on circuit design.

By becoming a NEV Power customer and joining the NEV smartgrid you also agree to participate in the ARENA knowledge sharing project by participating in an annual survey on your electricity production, use and attitudes.