Technical Guidelines

NEV Power has developed the following guidelines for the minimum wiring requirements that each owner should ensure is included in their design and established during the build. 


  • 3 phase cabling from pillar to meter box
  • Single phase 32amp or 3phase 16 amp circuit in a conduit to allow possible future upgrades of the cable.
  • Hot water system and air conditioners on separate dedicated circuits


Run pink cbus rated cat5 cables from Home Energy Management System located in the Meter Box to data ports (AS4755 or Ethernet) on the following equipment

  • Hot Water system (AS4755 compatible)
  • Air conditioner (AS4755 compatible)
  • EV charging point

Run pink cbus rated cat5 cables for Ethernet from LAN router to 

  • Meter box (Home Energy Management System)
  • NBN box
  • Living areas
  • Study / desk
  • Wireless access point

The following website contains useful information on SMART home wiring standards currently under development. .

Specific cabling requirements for electrical switchboard.

Our Network Manager has provided the following specific guidelines for cabling within the switchboard.

Please ensure your electrician installs a pink Cbus rated CAT5 cable from the home router (NBN Modem) to inside the electrical switchboard and one from the home router (NBN Modem) to the inverter location. Both the Home Energy Management system, which will be installed in your switchboard, and your PV inverter require a hard internet connection. If you plan to have no NBN connection in your house, please notify NEV Power immediately. The Home Energy Management system in the switchboard also requires a double GPO in the top right-hand corner. 

Minimum switchboard size is a standard 600×600 metal box and the enclosure (bottom left) inside needs to allow at least 4 extra single pole spaces that are unused. The mains power meter can be in the main enclosure or a separate 2 pole enclosure – 6 pole for 3 phase. Minimum size mains are 16mm2. Soldered main earth connections not allowed – please use earth bars either incorporated in enclosure or a standard earth bar on the rear of the board. 

NBN Connection

Narara Ecovillage has its own NBN installed fibre to the premises FTTP optic fibre network. You will need to arrange with NBN for them to complete the final connection to the house. When the build is approaching lock up you can contact NBN here

to trigger NBNco and complete the set up and install the Utility and Connection box.

NBN has published the following guides which you and the owner may find useful.

BRP 200219 FTTP-homeowners-and-builders-guide

BRP – 200219 FTTP-key-information-for-builders-and-cablers