Technical Guidelines

NEV Power has developed the following guidelines for the minimum wiring requirements that each owner should ensure is included in their design and established during the build. 


  • 3 phase cabling from pillar to meter box
  • 32 amp circuit to car port for EV charging
  • Hot water system and air conditioners on separate dedicated circuits


Run CAT cables from Home Energy Management System located in the Meter Box to data ports (AS4755 or Ethernet) on the following equipment

  • Hot Water system (AS4755 compatible)
  • Air conditioners (AS4755 compatible)
  • Pool pump (AS4755 compatible)
  • Inverters & Battery Systems
  • EV charging point

Run CAT cables for Ethernet from LAN router to 

  • Meter box (Home Energy Management System)
  • NBN box
  • Living areas
  • Study / desk
  • Wireless access point

These guidelines can be downloaded and printed  NEV Wiring Recommendations Aug 2018.

The following website contains useful information on SMART home wiring standards currently under development. .