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NEV Power has now been up and running for 12 months.

NEV Power started operations at the beginning of 2018 with just three customers.  We now have eleven. Most of those are currently in the building stage. We are averaging about 5 kW PV per new build.  We also have our own 30kWp PV array. By mid 2019 we expect the village to have about 100 kW of renewable energy generation.

NEV 2018 snapshot

During 2018 the village exported 21,925 kWh and imported 30,694 kWh. The graph shows that in the first 4 months we were a net exporter but as PV production fell during winter and our activities increased,  power consumption increased whilst our exports  remained consistent. As new houses are built, we are expecting that to become net exporters as new owners are opting for more PV Power than they need. The cost of PV is well below what many expected and that’s helped owners to invest more in solar.