Policies & Forms


Billing Policy – outlined in our NEV Power Energy Agreement – NEV Power Energy Agreement 03 April 2018
Debt Recovery & Hardship Policy / Account Assistance Procedure – NEV Power Code of Practice for Debt Recovery

Customer Services

Requesting connection form – Application for Connection to NEV Power Network 2
Estimating domestic dwelling energy demand – NEV Power Domestic Dwelling Max Demand

Energy agreement – NEV Power Energy Agreement 03 April 2018
NSW Govt low income Household rebate application form – NEV Power – NSW Govt Low Income Household rebate form
Complaint and Enquiry Policy  – NEV Water Complaints Handling and Dispute Resolution Policy

Workplace Health & Safety (WHS)

WHS Policy – NEV030 Our H&S Commitment WHS01 – NEV030 Our H&S Commitment WHS01