This Week @ Narara Ecovillage

John Huang Community

A lot has been happening over the last few months here at Narara Ecovillage. Join us for a quick look around. If you want to visit us, check out our website for information about the next Open Day.

Quails: From the Ground Up

John Huang Community

Want to increase the diversity in your garden but don’t have space to keep hens? Quails are a fantastic way to increase your food security and add another layer to the home garden. The village children were excited to visit Donna and her day-old quails! We will check in with Donna in the coming weeks and watch her transition them …

A Vision for Our Children

John Huang Community, Video

Megan is a co-host of our village Parents Circle. Here, she explains how living at Narara Ecovillage offers so much hope and promise for our children, and through them our environment, our people and our world. What dreams do you have for your children? Watch the video:

Healthy Homes Series #1 – Age and Foundations

Liz Bassett Sustainability

-Mikala Dind In this six-part series, Narara Ecovillage member Mikala Dind shares her knowledge about what makes houses healthy or unhealthy. While this article is about existing homes, the information will definitely assist anyone seeking to build a home. THE AGE OF A HOUSE The age of a house can give clues to potential hazards.  For instance, homes built: before …

Kids Tour of the Ecovillage

John Huang Community, Video

Want to know what’s so great about growing up in an Ecovillage? Take a tour with some Ecovillage kids around their favourite places. Watch the video: More videos on our Youtube page.

Background on the Project

admin Community

Get some background on the project with one of our members Donna and then follow around the property with our founder, Lyndall Parris. With around a third of the homes in Stage 1 being built and Stage 2 about to be available, now is a great time to come and take a look if you think living in an ecovillage …

Tiny House Australia - Narara Ecovillage

Small and Tiny Equals Affordable Living

Jazz Mozzi Community

How 2 independent ladies found a way to share one housing lot and create affordable living for them both. Jazz’s Yurt with a Difference Jazz Mozzi was the original owner and had long planned to build a yurt on the block. The builders specialising in yurts gradually increased their prices until it was out of Jazz’s reach. Living Green Designer …

2 Couples, 1 Block

Jazz Mozzi Community

Grant & Liz and Bron & Dave joined the village as a joint membership from day one. Liz and Bron are twins. All four of them were early investors and committed to the vision of Narara Ecovillage. They had always intended to build a composite house that would afford each couple their own living area with a shared communal living …

Climate change effects on food growing

Climate Impacts on Growing Food

Andrew and Megan Dobson Community, Sustainability

Our network of growing friends on the Central Coast and further afield has been very hard hit this summer. As you are all no doubt aware, many local farmers have suffered very long periods of dry weather, followed by the effects of bushfire, followed by the effects of torrential rains. Two of many examples: Little Feet Gourmet, located at Ourimbah …

A New Year at Narara Ecovillage

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It seems strange saying Happy New Year to you during these interesting times, but 2020 has started and at Narara Ecovillage, we are excited at the prospect. We have been under threat of fire and still the fire season has a way to go, but throughout this period we have witnessed some very sweet behaviours here, from offers of practical …

Artistic Hobbit House (171m2)

hanna.lofgren Sustainable Houses

“My dream was to build a gathering place for local invited artist friends to embellish with mosaic, clay carving, bottle walls, mandala plaster wall, and more.” Linda  Linda’s spacious hobbit house is filled with delightfully creative solutions that are there to make it both healthy, sustainable and aesthetically pleasing. On the higher part of the lot there is an octagon …

“Powerhouse with bedrooms” – Thermally efficient hemp house (143m2)

hanna.lofgren Sustainable Houses

“I was unable to find a builder who was prepared to give a fixed price on a hempcrete house. So I became an owner-builder. The budget for my project was $450.000.” Geoff  Building with hempcrete has many benefits including mould reduction, humidity regulation, vermin proofing and excellent fire rating. Geoff’s 143 m2 house has 3-4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. It …

Solar passive light weight house (3BR)

hanna.lofgren Sustainable Houses

“WIth our 5kw solar inverter and 6.5 kw of panels connected to NEV-minigrid we have been able to produce roughly three times the amount of energy that we use in the house. Credit in our electricity bills means moving quickly to pay off sustainability costs and to live in a carbon negative house. There is enough electricity to run an …

2019 Wrap Up

admin Community

By Lyndall Parris 2019 has come and nearly gone, with a full year of activity behind us. It is time to say Happy Christmas, New Year and Holidays and give you an update on the extraordinary Narara Ecovillage (NEV) people and project. As the fires in our region continue as a threat to Narara Ecovillage, the solidarity within the community grows …

Observations of Wildlife in the Triplespan

admin Community, Sustainability

By Andrew and Megan Dobson As gardeners, winter is a reliable test for our patience, however when the growing season commences, a different and more immediate form of patience can heap untold rewards on the determined practitioner. At home in Wyoming, aphids bombarded our rose bushes. A preliminary hosing with water cut the infestation in half. Then we waited two …

Disconnection and the Need to Reinvent Community

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The climate emergency and its impact on all life on the planet runs parallel with a crisis of disconnection between individuals, families and nations. Ironically the human groups with the greatest control over the resources of the world are also facing the highest levels of loneliness and mental illness, violence and rocketing rates of self-harm.  For most of known history, …

Natural building Earthship

Candy’s Earthship

admin Sustainability

Candy’s earthship at Narara Ecovillage (the first approved on the Central Coast) was designed by Australian earthship guru, Martin Freney of It’s a two-bedroom design for a small suburban block of land only 15m in the north south direction, and addresses principles of human needs: Thermo-solar heating and cooling Solar electricity Composting toilet Building with natural and recycled materials …

9 Star Energy Efficient House

Jazz’s ‘Mushroom’ House

admin Sustainability

Who would have thought that in my 60’s I would be building a house and using words like ‘waffle pods’ and ‘thermal mass’ and attempting to understand how solar panels and normal/ grey/reticulated water all ties together. I’m an admin person who loves food, reading and music, and now the brain is being stretched to new levels! We’ve nicknamed my …