Customer Information

The following pages contain all the information you need to manage your electrical connection through NEV Power.

How to organise your connection – as most or our customers will be building their new home, this page outlines the process to obtain your electricity connection.

Setting up an Energy Agreement – before we can start supplying you with power you must set up an energy agreement with us which outlines what we will supply and our tariffs.

Our Electricity tariffs  – outlines the information regarding the charges you can expect for the supply of electricity.

Understanding your bill – provides all the information regarding when and how frequently you can expect your bill

Payment options – outlines the various ways you can arrange to pay your bill

NSW Govt Low Income Household rebate – gives you information on how to apply for the rebate

Reporting a fault, raising a concern or making a complaint – we are keen to understand when things are not going well. This page outlines the best way to report a problem.

Selling or Buying a property – when the time comes, and you need to move on, this page gives you information on closing your account. Or if you are buying an existing house in the village this gets you off on the right foot.